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  • As business lawyers, we know our clients want to find efficient solutions that serve their business objectives while working with trusted advisors, who bring a wealth of experience and results-driven attitude to every situation.


    Beyond legal advice, we serve as a resource for our clients by making introductions and referrals where possible to help further your business objectives, these include accounting professionals, banking institutions, both for commercial banking and investment banking (M&A) purposes, commercial insurance, venture and other capital sources, payroll services, real estate professionals to name a few.


    To learn more about our areas of specialization, please explore our areas of expertise.

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  • Corporate & Financial

    We provide a broad perspective on corporate and financial matters to our international client base. Our lawyers have extensive experience in advising companies of all sizes on various aspects of business and financial law, including:

    • Corporate Formation, Investment and Shareholder Agreements
    • Initial Public Offerings and Capital Raising
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Joint Ventures
    • Strategic Alliances
    • Management Buyouts / Buyins
    • Corporate Restructuring
    • Bankruptcy


    Rooney Nimmo lawyers have acted on both friendly and hostile transactions and helped start up, spin out and growth companies, acting variously for founders, management, the company and investors.


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  • Technology, Intellectual Property, Privacy


    Download our technology backgrounder here.


    In an era when having a digital presence can be a business’ ticket to market penetration, the law’s treatment of technology and e-commerce is pivotal.


    High Growth

    For companies in high growth sectors, the rules of engagement often change as quickly the technology itself. Rooney Nimmo lawyers represent a wide range of high growth and technology companies (including Biotech, FinTech and AdTech) in relation to funding rounds, stock and incentive schemes, corporate actions, licensing, R&D deals and exits. In many cases, for smaller and high growth clients, we operate in the General Counsel role as they focus on growing their companies and internal resources.


    Intellectual Property

    From London to New York to Silicon Valley, our intellectual property and commercial contract team consists of lawyers with extensive experience advising on complex IP and commercial contract matters in a wide range of areas including:

    • Investment and shareholder agreements
    • Commercialization of IP
    • Protection against infringements
    • IP portfolio review and due diligence
    • Drafting and negotiating contract agreements and licenses
    • Copyright and designs
    • Patents
    • Trademarks
    • E-commerce and Internet
    • Non-disclosure agreements



    We all accept that ‘Data is King.’ Increasingly our digital sector clientele as well as our institutional clients are dealing with the ever-changing legal landscape relating to privacy issues. Understanding the multi-layered and often multi-jurisdictional aspects of the topic is key to helping navigate this area for firm clients.


    Rooney Nimmo lawyers offer counsel on the risks associated with privacy and cyber security, including:

    • Corporate governance and regulatory issues
    • Assessment of privacy exposure in M&A transactions
    • Litigation for data breach
    • Compliance

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  • Taxation

    We have developed a particular expertise that focuses on the intricacies of tax policy in both the US and UK. This gives us a unique perspective on managing tax issues for individuals and companies operating in each jurisdiction.


    We undertake a comprehensive approach to planning, focusing not only on taxation issues, but also coordinating the disposition of various beneficial interests. The firm is experienced in understanding and managing issues of capital preservation, business continuity, and competing demands of family members. Specifically, Rooney Nimmo routinely manages tax issues with respect to:

    • Individual Tax Planning
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • New Ventures
    • Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)
    • Employment
    • Equity Compensation and Share Option Schemes
    • Trust and Estate Planning

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  • Financial Services, Asset Management and Regulatory Enforcement

    Our lawyers have deep technical expertise in the financial markets and international securities regulation.   We have a broad understanding of financial products and instruments, the specific rules and agencies that govern them, and the changing regulatory landscape.


    We provide advice helping to manage corporate governance, financial disclosure and reporting, litigation matters, internal investigations conducted by boards of directors and audit committees and securities issues delivering high value counsel to our client base.


    We have acted for large number of investment firms, banks, insurance companies, hedge funds and private equity firms both public and private and represented funds, managers, investors, brokers and other market participants.


    In the US, we offer guidance on regulatory matters relating to:

    • The establishment of domestic and offshore funds
    • SEC, federal and state securities law regulation, governance and compliance
    • Investment company matters for both registered and unregistered firms.


    In the UK, we have experience in launching and acting for:

    • UK incorporated investment trusts, venture capital trusts
    • Channel Islands registered investment companies
    • Onshore and offshore investment partnerships
    • EIS funds and blockchain offerings
    • Insurance companies, fund managers and IFAs in relation to FCA rules and status
    • Hedge fund managers in relation to financial instruments including drafting OTC options
    • Providing corporate advisory for listed funds


    We have advised on hedge fund compliance with the marketing requirements of AIFMD and listed entities in the Channel Islands, Germany, France and Switzerland in relation to compliance with the non-mainstream pooled investment rules.

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  • Rooney Nimmo has the capacity to provide top legal services for a full range of real estate transactions nationwide.


    From structuring, venturing, acquiring, developing and financing, to managing, operating, working out and disposing of real estate, our clients require talented and versatile legal counsel to help them navigate their complex and demanding transactions, from more traditional “core” to “value-add” and development transactions. Our counsel are skilled in handling multijurisdictional and multi-property transactions, often requiring lawyers in various disciplines and offices.


    Our attorneys have significant experience representing both equity and debt players in all major asset classes, from financial institutions to developers and operators of commercial real estate, including structured-finance, hospitality, retail, office, multi-family, flex space, logistics, manufacturing and other industrial uses, at every stage of development, use and operations. We follow industry trends and always aim to deeply understand and tirelessly promote our clients’ business and strategic vision.


    Transactional equity experience:

    Representative Real Estate Finance Transactions Include:

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  • Commercial Litigation, Collections and Alternative Dispute Resolution

    Rooney Nimmo has years of experience in commercial litigation and trial practice, which allows us to help clients assess their claims and goals and develop an appropriate litigation strategy.


    • We have advised on a range of commercial disputes in both federal and state courts as well as in Alternative Dispute Resolution venues and proceedings, including the SEC, DoJ, AAA, JAMS, FINRA, and NYSE arbitrations.
    • We have litigated a wide variety of commercial matters, including accounting fraud, Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”) conspiracy, and contract disputes.
    • We have handled business disputes and matters related to employment, securities, construction, real estate, mergers and acquisitions, shareholder, insurance defense, professional sports, white-collar crime, and professional liability.


    As experienced negotiators and litigators, we strive to ensure favorable results for our clients, whether through settlement negotiations or at trial. We understand the importance of managing risk and cost and minimizing the distraction to client leadership. Therefore, while maintaining momentum in contentious matters, we also counsel clients on litigation avoidance measures and on approaches that either obviate or bring a swift resolution to litigation wherever possible.


    Judgment enforcement and asset recovery

    Unfortunately some judgment debtors are unwilling to pay on a decision whether in full or even in installments over time. Our litigators are well versed in what can be the “Second Act” of litigation. Using the post-judgment discovery process and all other available apparatuses of the State and Federal Courts, our firm has relentlessly pursued assets of both corporate and individual judgment debtors.

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  • Employment and Executive Compensation

    Our team of international lawyers and human resources advisors is able to facilitate compliance with and interpretation of the ever-changing landscape of laws that affect employment relationships. We regularly handle simple to complex employment situations for clients both domestically in the US and UK and for those operating businesses in both jurisdictions.


    Rooney Nimmo provides high value legal services to both employers and employees, including:

    • Executive contract negotiation
    • Equity compensations plans & issues
    • Deferred compensation
    • Change in control plans and severance including those arising from mergers, retirements and other voluntary or involuntary terminations of employment
    • Corporate governance
    • Independent contractor agreements, including any necessary restrictive covenants
    • Employment litigation, both defending management in employee claims and handling injunctive proceedings relating to restrictive covenants and the like

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  • International and Transatlantic

    Rooney Nimmo is unique in its ability to serve international and transatlantic clients at a high level while giving them the personal service you would expect from a boutique law firm.


    • Our busy M&A practice in the US regularly encompasses deals with a transatlantic element.
    • We advise UK companies on a regular basis on US securities issues resulting from investors based in the US.
    • We have experience of helping US and other international clients with setting up operations in the UK, along with helping facilitate the sale of international businesses to UK clients (and vice versa) and facilitating international investment in UK companies.
    • We have German, French, Spanish, Dutch and Chinese speaking staff that can support clients with establishing and continuing their business in mainland Europe, Latin America and Asia.
    • In the UK, we recognize the importance of the German British trade relationship and have therefore established a German Desk.
    • We assist clients from the UK and many other countries on entering the US marketplace whether by acquisition or creation and growing a US based business organically

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  • Immigration

    Rooney Nimmo has lawyers who are well versed in the complex and often changing immigration landscape. Our lawyers are prepared to help with the planning and implementation of the visa programs on both sides to of the Atlantic.


    Inbound to the US

    Immigration laws in the US are subject to an ever-changing environment of, regulatory action, and legislative reform. Seeking professional advice should be an essential part of an entrepreneurial plan. Our team will provide guidance in the following ways:

    • Planning and strategy
    • Appropriate visa selection
    • Documentation and submission


    Inbound to the UK

    In the UK, our immigration law team can handle most immigration issues from applications to appealing decisions of the Home Office, including:

    • E.C. regulations
    • Study visas
    • Working business and investment visas
    • Family cases and deportation

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  • High Net Worth, Estate Planning, Private Client

    As a natural extension of our corporate practice, we offer advice to founders and& owners. Rooney Nimmo lawyers have a wealth of experience in wills, family matters and estate planning. Each client has different needs and so our approach is adapted to best suit the individual case and personal circumstance. We always encourage clients, where possible, to be proactive in planning their future and will support you with efficient and effective options to suit your needs.


    We provide advice on the preparation of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, estate planning, taxation and inheritance and when the time comes, executing on those services.


    The firm is experienced in understanding and managing issues of capital preservation, business continuity, and competing demands of family members.



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